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What No One Tells You About Being A Cat Lady

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Becoming a cat lady, I mean a real one, comes with plenty of good advantages that will basically change your life. When you love cats that much, your life is just better, of course! The only thing is, you might face some downsides or funny situations that no one tells you about. I decided, just for fun and laugh a bit to expose what people don't usually tell you about being a cat lady. 

No one tells you...

  • That you will be judged AF, especially if you blog and sell clothes related to cats. I've been there, you know! Haha!
  • That violence, dumb stuff, and insignificant subjects still win over cats on social media, unfortunately. Some people (not everyone, of course) will find you annoying with your cat posts. Even if you have something great to say or show, they will rather watch violent or stupid things than your cat stuff. Why? Because...
  • Not everybody likes cats, I know, it's weird! Haha! 
  • That you shouldn't post more than six pictures of your cat a day, otherwise, your friends will delete or unfollow you.
  • Not everybody thinks it's normal to talk to cats you meet on the street. 
  • That people will judge you because you rather have cats than kids. 
  • That people will judge you because you treat your cat like he is your child. 
  • That society thinks that a (crazy) cat lady is an antisocial weirdo who never sees daylight, wears socks with her sandals, has dirty hair, and no bra. Oh yeah, I forgot, and no boyfriend! Haha!

I hope that you laughed and enjoyed reading what no one tells you about being a cat lady! If you have any other funny facts about being a cat lady, leave a comment below and let us know! 




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