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Top 10 Names For Cats

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Let's be honest, plenty of cats on this earth seem to have the same and redundant names. Kitty, Fluffy, Sweetie, and Blackie, We've heard them more than once! No offense to all the Kitty, Fluffy, Sweetie and Blackie in the world. Haha! You just don't have a unique cat name! 

I decided to build up this little Top 10 Names For Cats, just for fun, and in case you are looking for a name for your new furball or the one that you planned to adopt. (Your boyfriend just don't know yet!) 

When it comes to choosing your cat name, you should consider a name related to someone or something you like. It's even more amusing and enjoyable when your cat's name carry a positive memory or has a strong meaning to you. 

Here are my personal categories that I suggest you when you are looking for a cat name. 

  • Food (Especially Sweets) 
  • Human Name
  • A Legend (For you)
  • Funny & Cute Phonetic
  • Place

I picked 10 cat names examples with which you can name your cat and why they could be a good choice. These 10 Names For Cats are linked to one of the five categories above. 

  1. Oreo : Personally, Oreos used to be my childhood favorite cookies. So, if this is your case, you can pick Oreo as a name for your cat, because it will remind you something yummy and will bring back good memories.
  2. Charlie : This name have a beautiful phonetic, personally I've always loved that name as much as for a human or for pets. Plus, Charlie was my favorite character in All Dogs Go to Heaven when I was a little girl. What was yours?
  3. Pumpkin : Especially if your cat is ginger, it fits perfectly with the name Pumpkin. Or, you can opt for Pumpkin because you're still a kid like me and your favorite celebration is Halloween. 
  4. Cali : Cali sounds pretty short and sweet and this is perfect for a cat, but you may want to call your cat Cali because you love California as much as I do. 
  5. Casper : If your cat is white, this is perfect. But, it's even more perfect if one of your favorite childhood movies was Casper. Boo!
  6. Ziggy : In memory of a great artist and music's legend David Bowie. 
  7. Cupcake : Because everybody loves cupcakes, who doesn't? It's sweet, beautiful and colorful! This is sparkles for the cats!
  8. Yoda : Because you'd like your cat to be a Star Wars character. You have to be a Star Wars fan, of course, to choose that name!
  9. Skittles : Okey, I know, Sweets again! Skittles are my favorite candies of all time. I have eaten so many skittles in my life! 
  10. Henri : Because it reminds me the neighborhood where I grew up and how much I still love that beautiful place. Plus, Henri sounds vintage AF! Haha!

So, I hope you had fun while reading my Top 10 Names For Cats and I hope my reasons behind each name might inspire you to choose your own cat's name! 

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