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Top 10 Guide for A Cruelty-Free Routine | Face Edition

Crueltyfree Face Top10

I reunited ten essentials that we regularly use during our morning routine. I gathered ten essentials for your face ritual that are easily changeable into cruelty-free version, and all this at an affordable price.
It doesn't mean that your personal morning routine involves every essential from this guide, but you can surely relate to one or another. You don't need to change all your face essentials at once, you can slowly change products one at the time, when it's empty and you need a new one, for example. 
Here is the Top 10 Essentials to Have a Cruelty-Free Beauty Routine. You can easily use it when you're ready for the transition! 
I hope this little guide may help you to do the transition towards cruelty-free beauty habits! 

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