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Top 10 Best Cat Movies

Personally, I'm a big movie fan. I love almost every movie genres, but let's be honest, a movie is always better when a cat has the first role. This is why I gathered my Top 10 Best Cat Movies of all time. I got to admit, I had a hard time fixing my mind on only 10 since there are hundreds of good cat movies!   

Here is the Top 10 Movies in which cats are taking over the screen! Have fun finding out if your favorite cat movie in the list below! :)

Top 10 Best Cat Movies 

  • The AristoCats | 1970
  • Puss in Boots | 2011
  • Alice in Wonderland | 1951
  • Garfield | 2004
  • Le Matou | 1985
  • Cats and Dogs | 2001
  • Nine Lives | 2016 
  • Tom and Jerry | 1992
  • The Cat in the Hat | 2003
  • Homeward Bound : The Incredible Journey | 1993

Don't be shy to share with us your favorite cat movie in the comment box below! 




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