The Cat Lady Co. 1st Anniversary: 1 Year Ago and This Crazy Cat Idea
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The Cat Lady Co. 1st Anniversary: 1 Year Ago and This Crazy Cat Idea

Last year, I started 2016 with this crazy idea: an online shop and a blog about cats. Everything about cats for the love of animals and their wellness. This crazy idea was about combining fashion, beauty, animals and mostly cats and helping them in my own way. This is why I decided to give 1$ for each and every item sold on the online boutique to organisms like Humane Society International. 

At first, It may sound pretty funny. Yes, I design and sell cat t-shirts and mugs but it's way more than that. The Cat Lady Co. became an achievement and something I am really proud of. It all started from a simple idea, of course, but it became something that I jumped into and something that I dared to do. What I mean is, that kind of project was one of my dreams and after being afraid for too long I just decided to try it. I had nothing to loose no matter what would happen, except that I would learn so much and grow as a person.

So, if you have this dream of helping, sharing or no matter what is your project idea in your head, do it. It is probably way easier than you think. Find your own way to make your ideas work. Personally, my way to help, contribute and put up together many of my passions ended up living through The Cat Lady Co. 

Fortunately, starting The Cat Lady Co. made me realize that I'm not the only one who's a crazy cat lady that love fashion, beauty and who wants to help the animal condition so much. Speaking of this, I want to say thank you to all The Cat Lady Co. supporters, subscribers, and customers. Without you, all of this wouldn't be possible. You show your love every single day on Facebook and Instagram and every day I'm grateful for that. Thank you so much! Thank you for helping me help by giving this 1$ to charity. Thank you for being interested in a cruelty-free kind of living when it comes to beauty, fashion and consumption. Thanks for all the love you give to me, Edward & Lionel each time on social media. Thanks for everything!

I hope that you will continue to follow our craziness in 2017, there is more to come for The Cat Lady Co. and I want you to be part of it! Let's contribute and help all those cats and animals who need homes, care, and love in our own way!

Happy 1st Anniversary The Cat Lady Co. Lovers!

Love cats and dare to realize those crazy ideas running through your head!




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