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15 Cat Cafes You Need to Visit Now

You've probably already heard about Cat Cafes or Cat Lounges but maybe you didn't get the chance to experience it. If you didn't try yet, I strongly recommend you to do it right now. It's part of being a proud and real crazy cat lady. A Cat Cafe is the perfect place to get cats and coffee at the same time in a relaxing and fun environment. 

Cat Cafes have been popularized by the Japanese and Taiwanese who became great fanatics of this kind of places. Thereafter, the phenomenon has spread in Europe and now in North America. In fact, the first Cat Cafe to open in North America was in Montreal in 2014. 


Heres 15 Cat Cafe addresses in North America that I gathered for you:

15 Cat Cafes You Need to Visit


The United States|

Cat Cafes are often vegan and the greatest thing about these places, except coffee, is that you can give a forever home to the cats you meet in most of those coffee places. To put the cats of the Cat Cafes available for adoption is a brilliant way to give them a second chance. 

If ever, you don't live in North America or you travel elsewhere, don't worry. Cat Cafes are popular all around the world these days. No matter where you live or go, Japan, Austria, Australia or Russia, you will be able to enjoy a coffee with little cat friends!



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