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Facts & Myths About Black Cats

Halloween is coming next week and I decided to gather a couple of facts and myths about black cats, who are often associated with Halloween and Spook. Black cats are one of the most popular figures to represent the Halloween Celebration and everything related to this holiday. I gathered for fun the most common facts and myths that exist about those black furballs. 

Facts & Myths About Black Cats

  • Black cats are bad luck if you cross their paths. But, black cats are also considered as good luck in many regions of the world.
  • Black cats are strongly associated with Halloween festivities
  • Most black cats are black and have yellow/golden eyes because of an excessive amount of melanin. 
  • Black cats are often associated with witches pets. (What? Witches too can be crazy cat ladies!)
  • Black cats are associated with magic.
  • Black cats are mean and evil.
  • There is a Black Cat Day (this Thursday, October 27th). 
  • Black cats are the most abandoned ones and the most of the time last to be adopted in shelters. 

    Many of those facts and myths are funny and come from popular beliefs, but unfortunately, because of some of those beliefs or disbeliefs, black cats are rejected too often. They represent, for several people, a threat or something bad. Let's be honest, this is a cat and only a cat. People should put aside those fantastical beliefs and love all those black furballs as much as they love any other cats in the world. A cat is a cat, and no matter the color or the myths he carries, they shouldn't be left behind. They just need our love cat lovers! So, next time you go to adopt a cat why don't you chose the cute black cat? 

    Keep calm and love black cats people! There is nothing to worry about! Haha! 



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