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Cruelty-Free Product Of The Week | Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo

Crueltyfree Hair Shampoo

Product Of The Week

We all know that summer can be harsh on our hair, especially when we have a bleached or colored hair. Chemical products make the dryness of our hair even worst and this is why I chose Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo as my Product Of The Week. This shampoo works really well and is, of course, not tested on animals. 

Personally, my hair is always dry, especially the ends because of my ombre color effect. At the beginning of the summer, I was desperately searching for an effective cruelty-free moisturizing shampoo and then I found the Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo from Hask while I was on a vacation. I only needed to try it once to fall in love with the product. If you want to know the reason, read my product review below! 

Product Review


After only one use, I saw a difference. My hair was now soft and shiny and my ends were moisturized already. Of course, to see a major result you will need to use Hask Macadamia Oil Shampoo a couple time, which is normal. 

Macadamia Oil will help restore and repair your hair. You will notice surprising results with Macadamia Oil especially if you have color-treated hair or a long-time damaged hair. This Hask Moisturizing Shampoo contains antioxidant and macadamia oil to hydrate your hair, but it is even more interesting due to the fact that this product is free of sulfates and parabens, which is a pretty good thing for the health of your lock of hair. 

The Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo has an amazing scent too. Without being too smelly, the shampoo leaves your hair with a light touch of a sweet exotic perfume. The refreshing smell is as enjoyable while you wash your hair than when you detangle and style them. 

Plus, Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo is an environmentally responsible formula in addition to being not tested on animals, which is even more satisfying as a Product Of The Week. 

Price & Where You Can Find The Product

Like I always mention, it may depends on where you live or where your purchase your Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo, but you will surely be able to find the product for about 8.00$ (CAD). You can purchase the Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo at WalMart & Jean Coutu in Canada. You can also find the product at WalMart, Walgreens & CVS in the United States. If you want to know more about where you can find Hask Products you can visit their website. Finally, you can easily buy the shampoo on Amazon

I really hope this moisturizing shampoo from Hask will help your hair to recover as it helped mine! Let me know your impressions about the product if you try it! 





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