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5 Signs Your Cat Is A #CatofInstagram

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Find out if your cat is a real cat of Instagram. He probably is, like almost every cat because, as we know, they're natural models. But, just for fun, you can validate below with the 5 signs below inspired by Edward, my cat. Who knows? Your cat is maybe secretly addicted to social medias too! Haha! 

The 5 Signs to Expose Your #CatofInstagram

  • Your cat is always looking for the whole attention...Okey, yes, I know, it's typical for cats anyway!
  • Your cat loves to strike poses when it comes to taking pictures. He acts and looks at you like he totally knows that it's photoshoot time. 
  • Your cat is being creative to get attention and then a photo session. He strikes strange and unusual poses for a cat. He always put himself into weird and hilarious places or situations. If your furball gets into your fridge while the door is open, totally destroy something in your house or pretend he's a pillow, a blanket, or a curtain, he's probably claiming his Instagram moment of glory!
  • Your cat plays often the '' look at my cutie pie face...you really should snap a picture mom! '' game. 
  • Oh! Wait! I almost forgot the most important sign! Your cat enjoys being theatrical. He's a master at '' Look, I'm starving...I can't move anymore '' or '' Look, I'm dying '' or also at '' Look, I'm a poor little soul ''. 

So, If you recognize your furball behavior in those 5 funny signs, you probably unmasked your cat. He's been looking for social media glory all that time. He's officially a #catofinstagram! Haha!

I hope you enjoyed recognizing your cat through the signs! 







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