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15 Interesting Facts About Cats

If you really love cats as much as I do, you probably enjoy knowing some stuff about them. Whether it's informative content or funny content, when you're a crazy cat lover, anything cat related is entertaining, believe me. This is why I gathered for you the most catchy and interesting facts about cats that exist. 
Here are the 15 Interesting Facts About Cats I collected for you:
  • Cats sleep approximately 70% of their life. 
  • Cats are able to jump up to six times their length.
  • There are more than 70 cat breeds.
  • The first cat in space, in 1963, was called Felicette.
  • Cats can dream, like humans. 

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    • 1 in 200 cat suffers from asthma. 
    • Cats purr not only when they're happy. 
    • Cats can't taste sweetness (apparently not every cat if I referer to mine).
    • Apparently, most of the time, cats meow to communicate with humans.
    • A group or a squad (ha ha) of cats is called a clowder.

    • Cats sweat too. They sweat through their paws. 
    • Normally, a cat has about 12 whiskers on each side of its face.
    • A cat nose is like fingerprints to humans. 

    • Hearing is their strongest sense.
    • Even if we think cats like milk, they're often lactose intolerant. 
    If you want to know more details about these facts or you want to look for more interesting things to read about cats, do some research, It's impressive what we think we know or we don't know about our furballs. 
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      Have an Ameowzing day! 



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