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12 Things Your Cat Should Never Eat

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It happens occasionally that we give human food to our cat. I'm the first one to disagree with that habit but we've all done that at least once just because we can't resist to our cat's cutie pie face. Unfortunately, there are several foods that humans consume that aren't good at all for cats, even when the foods appear to be harmless for our health it is not the same thing for your furball. 

I gathered twelve common things that can seem harmless for your cat to eat up which are in fact dangerous and harmful. Here is the 12 Things Your Cat Should Never Eat

  • Tuna (for human consumption) | Tuna for human consumption isn't the same tuna prepared for cats and this is why it's preferable to avoid that kind of tuna for your cat. It can cause digestive problems, inflammation and even lead to Steatitis Disease if tuna for human consumption is used on a regular basis. 
  • Onion & Garlic | Onion & Garlic are toxic for cats because they contain sulfoxides and disulfides which can affect your cat's red blood cells and eventually lead to anemia. 
  • Milk & Dairy Products | Once your cat is weaned, he doesn't need to consume milk anymore. An adult cat can develop a lactose intolerance and this why you should avoid giving your furball milk or other dairy products. That could leave your cat with digestive problems and even diarrhea. (Milk especially for cats do exists if you really want to use it as a treat.)
  • Grapes & Raisins | They apparently contain a non-identified toxin that could be harsh for you cat's health. This unknown ingredient yet is known as being harmful to cats and dogs, causing kidney failure. 
  • Chocolate | Chocolate contain theobromine or theophylline which are toxic for cats. Plus, chocolate contains caffeine, another harmful agent for cats that can affect the nervous system and heart. 
  • Raw Eggs | The main problem with raw eggs is that they can contain bacterias, like salmonella or even E. coli, that could cause food poisoning to your cat. 
  • Raw Meat & Fish | Giving raw meat or raw fish to your cat could lead to similar upsets than the raw eggs. Raw fish is also known as destructive for thiamine, a vitamin which is essential for your furball.  
  • Sweets & Sugary Foods | The greatest problems with giving your cat sweets & sugary foods (especially on a regular basis) can cause dental upsets and even eventually diabetes and\or obesity. 
  • Fat Trimmings | The most common trouble with giving fat trimmings to your cat is that can lead to pancreatitis. 
  • Salt | An electrolyte imbalance can be provoked if your cat has a large consumption of salt.  
  • Avocado | Avocado contain a toxin called Persin, which is very harmful to domestic animals like cats. The ingestion of Persin by your cat can lead to vomiting, gastrointestinal irritation, respiratory distress and problems related to the heart. 
  • Alcohol | I know that it may sound obvious that you shouldn't give alcohol to your cat, but the problem remains when your cat is left alone with a glass containing alcohol. Especially when he feels like sneaking out towards your drink and having a sip. Alcohol can quickly cause heavy damages to your baby furball, as brain damage, liver damage, intoxication, coma and even death. 

    I really hope this list can help you to change your habits with your cat or be more aware of what we sometimes give harmlessly as foods to our cat! 

    If you have any other suggestions of foods cats should not eat, don't hesitate! 



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