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Cruelty-Free 101

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Last night I attend a conference about cruelty-free cosmetics and fashion surrounded by cats everywhere, just to make it even more enjoyable. The conference went through many issues and problems generated by the cosmetics and the fashion industries. As you probably know, a large amount of the cosmetics and beauty products that we use daily have been tested on animals or at least some of their ingredients were. So, it means that daily, we contribute to animal tests and cruelty.

Unfortunately, it is the same thing with the fashion industry where these days fur, wool, leather and down are very popular. Most of the time, the fur on your winter jacket come from an animal who have been through a lot of suffering when his fur have been removed. Not to mention that it is effective for your leather jacket or your sheepskin winter boots. Unfortunately, those animals live rarely in great conditions.

Personally, the conference from last time just confirmed me that I made the right decision a couple months ago when I have chosen to make a cruelty-free turn in cosmetics and fashion daily choices. I'm not here to judge you, at the opposite, I want to invite you to be way more aware when it comes to buy and consume a product. Awareness starts by being curious about what you put on your face or what you dress up with. There is something behind that bright lipstick or that comfy leather jacket. There is something behind the final product. 

Making a difference starts with oneself with simple daily actions. It's as easy as changing your shampoo, your mascara or your soap brands. You can also try to avoid the fashion items with leather or fur for example. Starting with something is better than absolutely nothing. This means a lot and can have a massive impact in the long term. 

If you are interested to know more about the issues and solutions, another conference about cosmetics and fashion without cruelty takes place tonight at Café Venosa, in Montreal. (One hour well invested, plus there is cats everwhere!)

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