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The Ultimate Cat Hair Hack

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The Story of How I Found The Ultimate Cat Hair Hack

The story of how I found the ultimate cat hair hack started a while ago. When I was younger, up until I was 17, I had two cats in my children and teenager’s life.Two true loves, two small joies de vivre. What I’m getting at here is that I never realized to what extent my cats shedded their hair…that glue EVERYWHERE, and even in the little nooks and crannies of the house! Aside from the hair my mother constantly swept up in the house, I had never noticed that it’s like the plague, it’s everywhere. I just never saw the hair from my cats, especially because it was never me that cleaned the house at that time, you’ll understand. All my life, I internally judged people who had cat or dog hair all over their clothes, in the subway, at the restaurant, at school, and in passing. Then, I internally judged their home whose kitchen table was covered in animal hair.
Today, I have a cat again, my baby Edward, a hairy gray and white, who sheds his hair in abundance. If you want, I can sell it to you. I’ll let you imagine that it’s noticeable and it’s everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. There are gray and white cat hairs on my clothes, in my shoes, in my sheets, and even in my eyes. These little things ferociously resist my cleaning obsession. That is when I suddenly realized the ultimate cat hair hack.

Don't Give Up on Your Cat's Love

One day, I finally gave up. I decided that it was necessary for me to stop judging the cat hair and especially to stop being obsessed with it. Haha! We probably keep IKEA in business single-handedly based on the number of lint rollers we use in a year. Besides, a lint roller, I’ve never found it any useful in all my life. Except, as I told you, I gave up a little, seeing even more cat hairs clinging to me. Why? Because I said that I accepted and made the choice to have a cat, in my case a kitten. Haha! It also means that it’s one of the amusing downsides like the litter that smells bad and the cat hair that invades the apartment. That’s also to say that I’d still have cat hair on my coat even if I used a lint roller eight times on it, and when I take the subway, know that people may judge me during their trip. Do you know what this also means? That there are cat hairs on my couch and my kitchen table, even if I kill myself vacuuming like a madman.

The Acceptance Phase and Beyond

I am past the prejudices that I have had: hair everywhere, the cats climbing on the tables and the counters. There will always be hair in my things as long as I have a fur ball full of love. If I never wanted to be attacked by an army and gray and white hair, then I simply had to make the choice to not have an animal in the house. I know. But do you know what? Having hundreds of hairs in my nose, my eyes, and my hives when I wake up every morning is more than worth it. It’s nothing, in fact. Nothing compares to what a cat can bring to your life. It’s nothing contrary to what a cat can do for a person. The love and joy this gray and white fur ball brings me every day of my life compensates a thousand times over for all of the tiresome hairs, the bad odours, and the overturned objects.
Edward has made an immense difference in my life and I’m certain that your Edward does the same for you. So, don’t give up a hairball for some hair on the table and your new couches.

Why Don't You Express that TRUE Love!?

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