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10 Tips To Bathe Your Cat Safely

For a lot of cat owner, bath time is not always the best part, I know. This can be a stressful and unpleasant moment for you, but especially for your cat. Bath time is an easy way for your pet to feel trapped, stressed and scared by the water. Personally, I hate bath time for my cat. Once in a while, when Edward needs a bath, I often end up feeling bad about it because I know how trapped because we usually have to force him into it.

Fortunately, you can help your cat and yourself to enjoy bath time a little more. I can't promise you a miracle, but with a couple of simple tips, you will probably be able to release some stress and fear during your pet's bath time. I gathered 10 Tips To Bathe Your Cat Safely and make bath time for your kitty safer and smooth for everybody. 

First, relax because if you show your cat stress and worries, he will feel it and you will stronger reactions which won't help to calm your furball at all. Here are 10 tips that you can try and apply smoothly when it comes to bathing your cat. 

  • You should brush your cat before bath, not after, while he's wet. It could be hurtful for your cat, especially if he has some tangles or knots in his fur. 
  • You should use a proper soap or shampoo for your cat. Get a shampoo that is right for your cat needs : sensitive skin, shed control, hairball, hypo-allergenic, etc. You shouldn't use human shampoo or soap to bathe your cat. It could be harmful to his health and/or skin. 
  • Don't forget to close the bathroom door and put away fragile and unnecessary stuff in the room. That way, if your cat panic or try to escape from the bath, he will not hurt himself or break stuff. 
  • Don't put too much water in the bath, sink or bucket you will use to bathe the cat. Only a few inches will do and make sure the water is not hot and not cold. Try to set the proper temperature which is around the normal body temperature 35 to 38 degrees Celcius. 
  • Once you've filled up the bath or sink, you can even try to put his favorite toy (that goes into water) in the bath. It might amuse your cat and make it less stressful for him. If you're lucky, maybe he will get into the bath by himself chasing  his toy. 
  • You should only soak up to the neck. You can wash all his body parts, but you should avoid his head and face. You can do it with a wet washcloth, later. 
  • You should be really careful especially with the cat shampoo or soap. Make sure the shampoo or soap don't go into his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. That way, you will highly reduce the infection risks, but also avoid discomfort in your cat while you're bathing him. 
  • You should never force your cat or fight with him to stay in the bath if he's panicked, scared or not cooperative. Forcing him strongly will just make it worst for your him.  If it happens, leave it and try later. 
  • You should always make sure you rinsed properly and gently your cat's body. Also, dry your cat softly with a dry towel once he's out of the bath, wipe as much water as you can with the towel. 
  • Once you are done bathing your furball, be nice and gentle with him. Pet your cat, hold him while he is drying, play with him or give him some treats. He deserves it! 
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    I really hope those 10 Tips To Bathe Your Cat Safely will make your cat's bath time more enjoyable for you but mostly less traumatic for your furball! 

    I invite you to share your own tips to bathe your cat safely in the comments section below!

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