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10 Signs Your Cat Is The Boss

10 Signs CatBoss

Let's be honest, my cat is THE boss and I fully assume it! Find out if your cat totally owns you too with the 10 Signs Your Cat Is The Boss. 

  • The time you wake up and get out of the bed depends on the hunger of your cat.
  • Your cat decides how you wear or accessorize your clothes every day. (With plenty of cat hair).
  • Your cat has more permissions than any other humans at home.
  • Your cat uses your human stuff more than you do. Pillow, bed, and clothes are his belongings. Your cat has the couch, you have the floor when you watch tv. 
  • Most of the space in bed is reserved to your cat. You have the rest of it. 
  • You don't move for hours because you don't want to disturb kitty while he takes a nap.
  • Your cat is always able to convince you for more treats than planned. 
  • Your cat always have the last word when you have a conversation with him. He has the final Meow, all the time.
  • His pity eyes work every single time. You would accept anything with THOSE eyes. 
  • Your cat manages your work schedule, especially your laptop use. He decides when your computer is his warm bed or for your work tool. 
  • Above all, you rather stay home with your cat than do any other activities.Yeah, I know I said 10 Signs Your Cat Is The Boss, but I couldn't help! I really had to put this one too! Haha!
I really hope you found out how much your cat owns you. You just have to accept that your cat is the boss and everything will be just fine! Not only just fine, but AMEOWZING! Haha! 



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