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10 Myths About Cats

This week, I gathered the most common myths or misconceptions about cats. We have heard those myths for years, in fact, many of those follow cats everywhere. Not because we've heard them all so many times that necessarily means that they're true. I invite you to read the 10 Myths About Cats and then research about those you find interesting or intriguing. When it comes to myths it's always a good thing to validate before you believe it, especially when it comes to your cat's life condition and health. 

10 Myths About Cats

  • Cats have nine lives
  • Cats hate water
  • Cats should drink milk
  • Pregnant women should not live with cats
  • Cats always land on their feet
  • Cat hair causes allergies
  • Cats heal themselves by licking wounds
  • Cats purr only when they're happy
  • Cats will steal the breath of babies
  • Cats are solitary animals

I hope you enjoyed reading those famous 10 Myths About Cats, but also I hope you will validate them before you believe many of these myths about cats! 




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